C-More Touch Screen Software Updates

Most Samuel Jackson products manufactured from 2005 to today use Automation Direct C-More touch screens as the primary user interface. If your touch screen does not have a USB port on the back you have an EZ-Touch screen and should follow the EZ-Touch update instructions.

You will need a USB flash drive (also known as a Jump Drive or Thumb Drive) and a computer in order to download the software and transfer is to the flash drive.  No special skills are necessary and you will be up and running in just a few minutes. Your C-More touch screen should have been shipped with a flash drive programmed with the original version of your machine. This flash drive can be used to update the touch screen or restore it to it's factory settings. If you do not have the flash drive that shipped with your screen and small flash (1GB or less) drive should work. Alternatively you can order one from Samuel Jackson.

Step by step instructions

  1. Plug your flash drive into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Download the touch screen software from the list above that matches the machine and machine's PLC version you are trying to update.  For example, if you are updating a HG-4-1404 Gas Heater with PLC version 6.4,  run the updater named HG-4-1404 & HG-8-1408 Gas Heater v6.4.
  3. Uncompress the ZIP file downloaded in step 2 and copy the "EA_MemoryCopy" folder to the root directory on your flash drive. Note that the flash drive can hold only one C-More program at a time and the "EA_MemoryCopy" folder can not be inside another folder on the flash drive.
    • If the folder is not named "EA_MemoryCopy" after uncompressing the ZIP file, rename the folder to "EA_MemoryCopy" before transferring it to the flash drive.
  4. Once the folder "EA_MemoryCopy" has finished copying to the flash drive, remove the drive from your computer's USB port.
  5. Plug the flash drive into the port labeled "USB Devices" on the back of the C-More touch screen.
  6. With the screen powered on press and hold the upper left corner of the screen.  After about 5 seconds a window should pop up that says "System Screen Called..." press "OK."
  7. Press "Memory" then "Restore" then "USB".
  8. Press the "Next >>" button. It may take a few minutes to read your flash drive at this point.
  9. A screen will appear with the buttons "Project, Log, Recipe, and System."  Select "Project" and "System." then press "Next >>."
  10. The screen will now update and reboot. DO NOT REMOVE POWER DURING THE UPDATE PROCESS.