PLC Software Updates

Late model Samuel Jackson products (typically 1997 and later) use Automation Direct model 250, 250-1, 260, and 06 PLCs as the "brains" of their control system.  These updater utilities allow you to upgrade or reload the program in the PLC as new versions become available.

You will need a special cable and either a Windows or Mac computer with an RS-232 serial port in order to use this software.  No special skills are necessary and you will be up and running in just a few minutes. If you don't have a serial port available on your computer a USB to serial port adapter can be used.

A programming cable and USB to serial adapter are included with most shipments of new Sam Jackson products. If you are in need of a programming cable you can purchase one from Samuel Jackson or make your own by following this guide.

PLC Updaters

Windows Updater

Mac Updater

Step by step instructions

  1. Connect your computer and the PLC via the Programming Cable. The phone-jack end will go to the PLC and the other end will hook up to a serial port on your computer or a USB to serial adapter connected to your computer. You may need to disconnect a device already plugged into the PLC in order to connect the cable to the PLC.

  2. Download and then Run the PLC Updater from the choices above. For example, if you are using a Windows computer, download and run the "Windows Updater."

  3. Follow the prompts through the PLC Updater. In a matter of minutes, your PLC will be ready to run. This process may take up to 30 minutes depending on the product you are updating

  4. Disconnect the Programming Cable from the PLC and reconnect any wires that were disconnected. Be sure to return the PLC to run status via the directions provided in the PLC Updater program.

Miscellaneous Tools and Tips

These tools and tips are sometimes helpful when trying to get your Samuel Jackson equipment updated.

NetEdit 3 - Allows you to see and edit ECOM cards in Samuel Jackson PLCs. (Windows only)

Keyspan USB to Serial Adapter Drivers

Blue USB to Serial Adapter - Windows Driver

Troubleshooting PLC Updater Connection Issues