Humidaire Water Nozzle Clog Tester

Clean water nozzles are critical to your Humidaire’s performance. With this device, you can use air pressure to test which nozzles are clear and which are clogged. All of the components should be readily available from an industrial supply store, such as Grainger.


List of parts needed

  • Inline blow gun fitting (Titan 19378 Inline Blow Gun)
  • Air regulator (set to 60 psi)
  • 0-60 psi gauge
  • ¼” x 6” brass nipple 
  • ¼” brass coupling
  • ¼” rubber blow gun nozzle
  • ¼” recoil air hose 
  • Quick connect for your gin’s air lines ¼” npt x connection style

How to use it

  1. Check that humidare has been run recently.  If not, run the pump with water for 5 minutes to wet all internal surfaces.
  2. If unit is an HU-60 model, remove end caps after initial wetting. If a newer model, simply open the header pipe flush valve.
  3. Determine baseline pressure for your setup by removing one nozzle and ensuring both it and the hole it mounts into are completely clean.
  4. Replace nozzle.
  5. Hold tester and press rubber nozzle firmly into spray nozzle ensuring sealed connection.
  6. Depress blow gun trigger and check pressure on gage.  This represents a clean nozzle reading for your Humidaire. Note that this reading can vary from one Humidaire to another. 
  7. Move tester to all remaining nozzles, testing each in turn.  Any that registers higher than the clean nozzle will require removal and cleaning.
  8. Repeat process, as often as required, though the baseline for a clean nozzle should be remembered, as it should not change much over time for a particular Humidaire.