Phone Apps

Mobile Mirror places real time cotton gin production data from a Samuel Jackson Moisture Mirror X in your pocket. 

Mobile Mirror requires use of Samuel Jackson Remote Access.

*Requires Moisture Mirror 2X, 3X, or 4X and a Remote Access Service from Samuel Jackson. Consult your SJI Rep before purchase to verify all system requirements are in place.


Mobile Mirror Free was developed to illustrate the speed and functionality of Mobile Mirror for cotton gins. It is NOT useful for monitoring a real gin as it connects only to a test unit located at Samuel Jackson headquarters in Lubbock, Texas USA. 


Maintaining good air flow volumes in your cotton gin is key to achieving good efficiency. Our Air Calculator app allows you to easily calculate, log and share air measurements to keep all of your air based systems working well.

When measuring more than one location, each location’s measurements can be logged into a data table. You can custom name each data point as well as enter that location’s static pressure (optional). Once you have collected all of your data, mail the data table to yourself or share it with others.